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Preparing For The Exam Season

Preparing For The Exam Season

The time is almost upon us when we have to face the fact that all the hard work and effort put in since we started school aged 4, is about to come to fruition as we embark on formal examinations, whether they be GCSE or A Level. Let’s be honest about this…..this period in your life is likely to be one of the most stressful you have experienced so far! You will be put under tremendous pressure from teachers, parents and yourselves, but don’t forget – if you are as prepared as you can be and believe in your own abilities you will achieve, often more than you thought possible. Have a look at the points below and hopefully they might help…….


  • It might sound silly but make sure you get enough sleep, you will not function at as high a standard if you are tired
  • Eat properly – we all know the importance of eating a balanced diet but this is so important during exam season. The right foods will have a positive influence on your thinking
  • Keep hydrated – water is cheap and the best! Avoid energy drinks, stick to the tried and tested H2O, at least 2 litres a day
  • Draw up a revision timetable that you are comfortable with. Ensure you give yourself short breaks between revision sessions but be disciplined in what you do
  • Find a revision system that works for you. People think and learn in different ways whether it be audio, visual or kinaesthetic. Find out which way you learn best and revise using those methods, you are more likely to retain information
  • Remember – keep it all in perspective, yes this is a very important time but the more stressed you get the less you will retain which will impact on your exam performance. A calm mind is a productive mind!

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