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DIY Therapy – Keeping Our Brains Happy

DIY Therapy – How We Can Help Ourselves To Keep Our Brains Happy!

It might sound a bit ‘new-age’ to some and others may well dismiss it straight away, but our brain is an organ alongside our heart, lungs or liver and as such if we can keep it healthy it will function far more efficiently.

Have a think about these bullet points……

  • Interrupt your negative thoughts
  • Complete a small task
  • Pretend to feel more positive until you do
  • Teach yourself to say ‘no’
  • Don’t pretend sadness doesn’t exist
  • Try to understand your emotions
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Ask how others see you
  • Physically connect
  • Be kind

So………in a bit more detail:

Interrupt your negative thoughts

Imagine waking up in the morning, seeing it’s raining and saying to yourself ‘It’s raining, I feel miserable’, more often than not, that is how the day will go! Our thoughts control our mood. Being aware of these thoughts means we can break the patterns. Don’t be afraid to interrupt yourself and remind yourself that the situation will be short-lived: ‘This won’t last for long’ or simply thinking about a situation that will make you smile will stop yourself from going down a hole of negativity. The act of consciously adopting a different, more positive attitude can rewire the brain into a new way of thinking. The more we think like this the more it becomes habit and the old, negative way of thinking fades away.

Complete a small task

Keep the task simple, nothing too complicated or onerous. Once completed, the finished task can prompt a release of positive feelings which in turn can fire up the pathways in our brain. When we feel down we lose our confidence and by completing small tasks we reinforce the fact that we are competent and that helps rebuild confidence.

Pretend to feel more positive until you do

Make affirmations – short, snappy, powerful statements which when said or heard can become reality. We have a choice – we can either think ‘My life’s rubbish’ or ‘I’m so grateful for my partner/family/ job/friends’. We can write lists of affirmations, make sure they always start with something positive eg an ‘I am’ statement with a positive outcome or goal. Say them out loud to yourself whilst looking in the mirror! Remember what Carl Jung said……’Act as if, and so become.’

Teach yourself to say no

Don’t hang on to that unattainable goal of perfection – remember that who you are, as you are is good enough. We need to say ‘no’ – no to the way you’re being treated for example. To say no is a sign of good self esteem, often our heads are saying ‘yes’ but every other part of our body is shouting ‘no’….listen to that internal voice rather than try to analyse it and think ‘I should’.

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