Coaching in Schools

What we do

Inspirate are a Northampton based company who work with schools and school children to help raise attainment through higher grades and better attendance. Set up by Darren Smith in 2015, we have over 20 years worth of experience working within schools and all fields of education, helping school kids to achieve more for themselves. Darren is ex forces, a teacher, a senior leader, and has the following qualifications; BA (QTS), Adv. Dip. SEN, Cert. Prac. NLP.


Who can benefit?

We work with schools and students with 3 aims in mind; to improve the situation of the students, to improve the situation for the teachers, and to improve the situation for the entire school.


  • We do this by working with students who are borderline C and D grade, and help them to increase their grade to above a C.
  • We work with students who have self-esteem issues, and aim to increase their confidence through our techniques.
  • We work with students who have Specific Learning Difficulties, helping them to boost their grades and learning.


  • We work with teachers in identifying individual learning styles, and gradually implementing them to the benefit of both the teachers and the students.


  • Higher achieving students can rub off on the rest of the school.
  • Increased GCSE and A-level A-C results enhances the school’s league table standings.


Our Workshops

Inspirate workshops are carried out within Schools in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire, and inspire students to achieve more than they ever thought was possible. Darren and the team use their own experiences and NLP techniques to motivate students, whilst working with students and teachers to identify individual learning styles. We mentor and observe teachers and students, and push classes to increase motivation and their overall school grades.

We also work with schools on a consultancy basis, where Darren works in partnership with schools on a short term basis to tackle and help resolve issues of a pastoral nature.

If only I could bottle what Darren has and sell it, I’d be a rich man!
The way Darren interacts with the students is amazing.
He has had the students eating out of the palm of his hand.

Childline National Exam Stress Survey showed that 96% of those questioned felt anxious about exams and revision. 59% feeling parental pressure to do well and 64% saying they have never received support in dealing with exams.