Coaching in the Public Sector and NHS

What we do

Work-related issues are common within the public sector and the NHS, especially with the ongoing pressure placed on people in certain positions. We therefore work with individuals and Occupational Health on overcoming work-related issues or personal issues impacting on work.

We do this by working with teams, and senior management to build vision and inspire cohesive thinking to raise productivity and value for money.

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Individuals returning to work sooner benefits teams and departments.


More motivated individuals leads to increased productivity and achievement in specific departments.


With more effective teams, comes better services delivered through the NHS or Public Sector.


Our Workshops

Our NLP based workshops help build strategies to promote achievement and value for money. We use team building scenarios, and work to identify specific learning styles.

We look at how the mind processes information gathered by the five senses, the process verbal and non-verbal communication is given meaning to and filed internally, and the enhanced state, behaviour and outcome of our thinking.

Darren’s natural rapport and ease of approach meant he gained the confidence of those he worked with straight away.
Our staff started to approach work in a more focused and motivated way, having a positive impact on work and targets.

In 2014, 41,112 staff took sick leave for anxiety, stress and depression, which is a dramatic rise from 20,207 in 2010. (RCN)