Coaching Development in Prisons

What we do

Inspirate was set up by a teacher (who is also ex-forces) to work with people in challenging environments, and our core focus is to work with people in the prison system. Over the years we have worked with the charity AimHigher on a project aimed at Young Offender Institutions.

Our core aim is to inspire clients to achieve more through accessing education on release.

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More opportunities post the prison system, and chances of success following ongoing education.

prison staff

Prison workers get recognition for the decrease in re-offender rates due to an increase in opportunities and success.

Prison System

The prison system as a whole gains recognition for working with offenders, helping them to change their lives.


Our Workshops

Inspirate carry out their workshops onsite, working with prison staff to identify SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) with offenders. By identifying individual learning styles we are able to raise self-esteem, and by using NLP we can provide strategies to access educational opportunities.

Darren’s natural rapport and ease of approach meant he gained the confidence of those he worked with straight away.
Our staff started to approach work in a more focused and motivated way, having a positive impact on work and targets.

One of the most prevalent vulnerable groups amongst offenders comprises those who do not have an intellectual disability as formally defined but who do have much lower cognitive and adaptive abilities than the general population or the offending population.