Coaching in Business

What we do

Inspirate has expanded since its launch in 2015 to work with businesses in Northampton. Our aim whilst working with the staff within small, medium and large organisations is to raise productivity through a staff-focussed approach. Darren’s experience of working with individuals in challenging environments aims to address the issues that affect many businesses. Increased motivation and confidence in your work-force can quickly lead to increased productivity and profits.

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The work-force benefit from an increase in self-esteem and motivation.


The business benefits through increased productivity.


The organisation further benefits through increased profits.


Our Workshops

Inspirate carry out our business workshops at your place of business, working directly with the staff and management team where the operations occur. Although most of the organisations we work with are Northampton based, we are available to travel nationwide.

We work with you to motivate and inspire your work-force to achieve more through our own experiences and our NLP techniques. This can have a direct result on productivity, self-esteem and an increase in profits.

Darren’s natural rapport and ease of approach meant he gained the confidence of those he worked with straight away.
Our staff started to approach work in a more focused and motivated way, having a positive impact on work and targets.

We work harder when we are happy. Click here to read a new study by the Warwick University, providing an insight into how staff work harder when they are happy.